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 Karambwan House Lure

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PostSubject: Karambwan House Lure   Karambwan House Lure Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 7:54 am

Warning this is a non combat lure, well in this case it takes place outside of the wild. I almost lost nearly 170m worth of items, my entire RS life savings, to this lure and this is how I experienced it.

Lurer: Hey I just spent a ton of money on my house want to see it?
Me: Sure why not.
-At this point the lurer will bring you to their house and generally give you a "grand tour" leaving the combat ring room for last (this one of the keys to the lure)
Lurer: I love the combat ring *climbs in* come and fight with me its fun.
-At this point I didn't realize that it was going to be a lure so I climbed in and fought for a bit. The lurer got me down to 2hp and then got out of the ring.
Lurer: Hey I g2g want some food so your hp will go up?
Me: Sure
-The lurer trades me and gives me some raw Karambwan and tells me to cook it in the kitchen real quick. I wasn't worried because I thought food is food, until my brother saw and told me about this little aspect of the Karambwan: Sometimes they will become poorly cooked and will infact do damage to you instead of healing you. Plus anyone can cook the karambwan since they only require level 1 cooking to cook.
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Karambwan House Lure
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