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 Trading Lure

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PostSubject: Trading Lure   Trading Lure Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 7:56 am

One type of lure that is fairly common is the "trading lure" where a player offers to either buy you're rare item for a ridiculously high price or offers to sell you something for a ridiculously low price. What they will do is pm you and tell you that they are either near Oziach's hut or possibly near the spirit tree or bridge and have their high level friend come and freeze/entangle and tele block you so you cannot run once you step into the wild.

Here is an example of one I experienced today:
Person: Hey you are buying d chain rite???
Me: Yah
person: Oh my god, I cant find a buyer ill sell to u rite now for 20mil
me: Ok, where do u want to meet?
person: can u meet me in edgeville
me: Ok (as soon as I heard edgeville I knew it was a lure so I deposited my money except for 5 coins and some junk items so they would only see the coins in the list and not the size in the pile)
Person: You here yet???????
me: Yea I'm at edge bank
person: Hey will u meet me by spirit tree i have to go back really quick afterwards?
me: Ok
person: Iíll be here fletching a bit too
me: Hi, Iím here.
person: Hey 20mil rite?
me: Yah
*person trades me and steps out so that once I accept I step into the wild as well*
*persons friend runs up and freezes/entangles and tbs me*
*persons friend wastes his runes on me*
As I die person says OMG!!! WTF!!!!
Me: ahahahaha! I saw that one from a mile away!!! Im glad I wasted you're dumb friends runes!!
*person logs off*


Lure'er Post a topic in the official fourms or goes around asking for someone with a (rare item) to meet them in edge with NOTHING but it for a screenie. They say they will pay you for it. They also want you to bring good prayer, so you can protect item if you do get skulled. Seems harmless, right?
You You go with your rare item and meet them with nothing on.
Lure'er They bring you into the wilderness to a level that is appropriate to kill you.
You Remind them that they cant gain anything.
Lure'er Gives you your money, usually a reasonable 100-1m.
You Accept the money, and die.
Lure'er Gets your rare item and a buttload of cash.
You Did not keep your rare, because most rares are unprotected under money.
Lure'er Just got a rare item for a few hundred thousand gp.
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Trading Lure
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