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 Noob Tactics

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PostSubject: Noob Tactics   Noob Tactics Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 7:57 am

Other lures include what I call "noob tactics"

A noob tactic is when a lower level player will say something along the lines of "hey will you bring me to oziach's house i want to buy a rune plate, hurry though I have to go soon" or "where is the zamorak mage, hurry I have to go eat dinner!", pretty much any noob question that will get you into the wild, take note that they will want you to hurry so you don't deposit you're things since you're just "helping a noob out". You are most likely to get lured if that player sees you high alching or in possession of rare items. Once you get into the wild, a higher level friend of theirs will run up and then freeze/entangle and teleblock you.

I haven't personally experienced a noob tactic, but have read many stories. Here is an example:
Noob: He what'cha high alching?
You: Magic longbows
Noob: Wow cool!
Noob: Hey will you help me?
You: With what?
Noob: Can you take me to the zammy mage/spirit tree/Oziach, hurry though I have to go soon!!!
You: Fine
Noob: Omg ty sooo much I couldn't find it anywhere
*You take the noob where he wants to go*
*Uh Oh! Here comes his friend*
*Freeze/entangle* *Teleblock*
*Oh Dear! You have died!*
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Noob Tactics
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