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PostSubject: Clan Test   Clan Test Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 7:58 am

Another type of lure is the "clan test" lure.

What will happen is, that a person will pm you asking if you will help them complete a clan initiation test. They will tell you that they need to pk some one with a rare item and ask if you if you will help them by making it seem as if they had pk'd you. Here is an example:

Faker: Hey you have a *insert rare item here* right?
You: Yah
Faker: Sweet.
Faker: Can I ask you a favor???
You: What is it?
Faker: Well I have to kill a person with a *insert rare item* for a clan test. Will you come out and let me pk you? You don't have to skull or anything.
You: Ok fine...
Faker: OMG ty so much!
*At this point you and the faker go out into the wild and they will get you to skull one way or another, I heard a rumor that there were ways to get someone to skull on accident, but at this time I'm not aware of this trick*
*Once skulled, the faker will have his buddy tele block and freeze/entangle you*
*Welcome to lumbridge*
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Clan Test
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