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 Mystic Robe Lure

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PostSubject: Mystic Robe Lure   Mystic Robe Lure Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 8:03 am

Here is an idea to help turn this lure around and possibly make some money:
make sure you have atleast 3 sharks, one nature, and 5 fires, when you see the mystic tops eat 3 sharks real quick, pick up the mystic tops, and alch one before you die, id recommend praying from melee so he will atmost hit 18s with dragon dagger.

This is called the "mystic robe lure"
The basics of this lure is: The lurer will get you into the wild and one way or another give you four *noted* mystic robe tops. The point of this is because even with item protect on, the whip will be droped and the mystic tops will be protected.

101: hey, you got a whip?
me: yeah, why?
101: can i have a video of me killing you with a whip? i'll pay
me: whacha paying?
101: some good items, and you dont even have to skull
me: okay what ever

We walk over to the side of mage arena where no one is around.

101:kk ready
me: yeah

101 attacks me and when i get down to like 20hp he says

101: one sec lemme take out hypercam

30 seconds later or so i see mystic robes noted on ground...and i figured it was for me so i say..

Me: those your robes on ground?
101: o yeah thats your payment 4 mystic robe tops

Then you pick up the robe tops and he kills you and you wind up dead with 4 mystic tops and no whip.

Another variation of the mystic lure goes like this:
You are wandering the wild and see some person just standing in the wild, unmoving and untalking, so you think to yourself "hey maybe he was afking, I'm gonna kill him" so you do and low and behold he drops 4 noted mystic tops and of course you think to yourself "lol what a fool" but then another pker will run out and kill you and once again even if you aren't skulled and you use item protect the mystic tops will be protected over the whip.

One final version of the mystic top lure involves dragon battle axes instead of the mystic tops.
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Mystic Robe Lure
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