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 Drop Party Lure

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PostSubject: Drop Party Lure   Drop Party Lure Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 8:05 am

This lure is a fairly common lure in crowded worlds such as world 2 since most of the players there have rare items with them. It is called the "drop party lure". This lure is fairly simple but easy to fall for.

What happens is: A player runs around a crowded area screaming that their having a drop party. Of course a bunch of players follow him around. After the lurer rounds up enough people he will then claim to be hosting it near the zammy temple (near the wild). Once there he will then proceed to drop a few items outside of the wild while also droping items in the wild as well. In the rush of the party the players will attempt to get the items in the wild but will be either frozen or snared by the lurer's teamates, who will then proceed to kill the party goers.
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Drop Party Lure
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