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 House Lure

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PostSubject: House Lure   House Lure Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 8:05 am

Another type of lure is the "house lure". This is an extremely easy to fall for lure! In fact three people attempted this on me today while I was trying to buy a high priced item.

It goes like this:
lurer: Hey you wanted to buy (rare item)
you: Yes
lurer: Ok come to my house I'm there hanging out with my friends.
you: Ok Ill be right there.
(You proceed to go to his house, in whatever town it may be located)
(Once there he will be in the fighting ring fighting with some friends)
(One of his friends will freeze him in the ring, or he will just ask you to come in the ring, or also he may ask to "train" on you really quick so he can level, one way or another he will convince you to step in the ring to trade)
(Once you are in the ring his friends will then attack you with a dds so you are low on health and poisoned)
(Once this happens the house owner will expel all guests)
(Since you are still low on health and poisoned you will then die and drop your items.)
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House Lure
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