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 Rune Crafting Lure

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PostSubject: Rune Crafting Lure   Rune Crafting Lure Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 7:59 am

Here is another type of lure the "rune crafting lure"
Some dude: Hey wanna go rc?
Me: Who's this?
Some dude: We met in dungeon
Me: Oh yeah (I didnt meet him, I just realized he was up to something, And played along)
Me: Sure what alter?
Some dude: Edge? I wanna try using the Abyss
Me: Ok


Some dude: You ready?
Me: Yep.
Some dude: You may want some armour lol...
Me: I got rune in my inv, not gonna wear it until we get inside so Pker's dont attack me. (Hehe, I felt smart with that one)
Some dude: Oh good idea lol

So we get into the abyss, Craft 2 loads of Air runes (*Dont ask*) and then we are banking in Edge when he says:

Some dude: Hey my buddy wants to buy a black cav, He's offering 1 mill, You want?
(I was wearing black cav when we met up in Edge)
Me: 1m? Heck yeah, ill sell it
Some dude: K he says he is east of the abyss
Me: Whats he doin there?
Some dude: Idk lol
Me: lol
Some dude: Ok, im ready to go
Some dude: You sure you wanna run through wildy with that?
Me: it's just lvl 5...
Some dude: Yeah ok
Some dude: Yeah you can protect too, make sure you have full prayer.
Some dude: ok, lets go
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Rune Crafting Lure
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