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 Archery Guild Lure

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PostSubject: Archery Guild Lure   Archery Guild Lure Icon_minitimeSun Feb 18, 2007 8:04 am

This little lure is called the "archery guild lure". Although it does not involve the wild, it is just as dangerous and it goes like this:

You are at the archery guild or your buying something from someone for an unusually low price and the seller says to meet them at archery tower since he is "training":

lurer: hey so you wanted to buy (object)
lurer:can you meet me at archery guild tower im traing there
(walks there)
(The lurer then trades you and quickly runs near the lvl 64s with protect range on.)
(You trade back following him thought lvl 64s with no pray on .)
(You are then barraged by arrows and killed)
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Archery Guild Lure
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